Together we are strong!

I love working together. It excites me, it energizes me and it fuels my inspiration.  By jointly taking responsibility for the process, we know that the road we travel is one of exploration, joy and new insights. Whichever dreams you have, or the goals you set, let's find a way to make them come true!



Take life in your own hands

As a coach I strongly believe that you are the expert of your own life. By using my expertise in coaching I will help and guide you so you can connect with your authentic self. It enables you to make the choices and decisions that are important to you. As member of the ICF, the world's largest organization in coaching stands behind me to support and guide me in a world that is developing year in year out.

Interior Design

Dare to live your dreams

Do you want to live in the house that suits you or work in the office that reflects your company? This is why I like to use both my expertise in design and my coaching skills for your project. Getting to understand your habits, your routines and the things that make you smile are the basis for all my designs. Starting from a blank canvas, the end result will make you enjoy it every single day.