If you have ever traveled on a plane, for sure you know this question: Chicken or Pasta? And you know what: this choice is not going to make a difference for you; this meal is just not going to be great.


It's different when you go to a nice restaurant with highly skilled staff. Then you know the food is great and the service will be excellent. If you also go with great company you love, you will set yourself up for a great night out.


As entrepreneurs, people keep you busy answering the 'Chicken or Pasta' questions. However, you should be asking yourself the 'great-night-out' questions instead. Only then,  you will be making choices that will help you and your business to perform at your peak.



By performing at your peak, you have the best chance to get the maximum results. The foundation of that is clarity, structure & focus.


That's why I created the CARE Model. A model in which the Mindset of the entrepreneur is centered within a continues proces of choice, action, result and evaluation.

Business coaching

I know what it takes to perform at your peak, both in business and in sports. As a ballroom dancer I traveled through Europe to compete at the highest level. As an entrepreneur, I know what it takes to both be successful and to fail.


I realized that by taking CARE of myself and my business, I was able to inspire other entrepreneurs rise to the occasion and help them on a path of Peak Performance.


I advise you to start caring for what you desire, start to care for the things that matter.