solution focussed coaching

The great thing about you is that you yourself are the expert about your own life. But at the same time, how do you tap into that expertise, as your mind is so strong it will easily make you lose track.


No matter what your goal is or what your dreams are, as your Coach I will support and guide you through your process, free of any judgement. I strongly believe in solution focussed coaching. By talking about solutions, we will find them. We don’t change the things that are good. When we discover the things that work well, you try to do them more often and we find out if you can use them in other areas. And of course, if something doesn’t work, we make sure you change them.


Coaching will always take place keeping in mind the following four core values designed by the International Coach Federation:

  1. Integrity
  2. Excellence
  3. Collaboration
  4. Respect

When we start working together we will make a clear agreement about structure, fees and your goals. As you will develop your goals might also. That can be a fluid process, but of course I will make sure to keep you on track. Without trust there is no relationship and coaching cannot take place. You will have my full attention and I will listen actively to what you say. Be ready for powerful questioning & direct communication without ever being offensive.


The actual result of coaching takes place when you go home. By creating awareness, designing the right actions and do a realistic planning and goal setting we can manage the progress and accountability.